Media Productions 2012-13

Michael Marra: All Will Be Well
BBC Two Scotland

Sadly the great singer-songwriter from Dundee, Michael Marra, died in October 2012. Neon had the honour of putting together a celecbratory documentary for BBC Scotland.

Johnnie Beattie: In the Limelight
BBC One Scotland

A fantastic documentary featuring the great entertainer, Johnny Beattie. It includes comments and stories of working with Johnnie from Alan Cumming; Una McLean; Vicky Featherstone; Maureen Beatrie; Andy Cameron; Terry Neason and the Alexander Brothers. 

View more clips from Johnnie Beattie: In the Limelight

Scotland Inspired
BBC Radio Scotland (2012).
26 x 15 mins.  An ambitious exploration of the arts in Scotland in which a range of artists take us on 15-minute 'personal journeys' illustrating their inspiration and the lineage of their artform.  Presented by Ashley Jensen. 

All 26 episodes are available to download - click here.