Media Production - Past Projects


Gerry Rafferty: Life Goes On
Ricky Ross presents a commemorative celebration of the life and work of Gerry Rafferty, singer, songwriter and recording artist who died in January 2011.

Although best known for the hits, Stuck in the middle with you and Baker Street, Gerry Rafferty’s recording career was bigger than that and spanned a full 40 years of songwriting and music-making.

This programme contains examples of the music from the famous to the well-known to the barely-heard. With contributions from many who knew him and worked with him including Billy Connolly, Joe Egan, Rab Noakes, Barbara Dickson, Linda Thompson, Elly Jackson, Hugh Murphy, Tom Robinson and others, Ricky provides a comprehensive portrait of a complex man and extremely talented artist.

Gerry’s daughter Martha talks poignantly of her life with her famous father and we hear her sing his songs with her cousins. Their performance was a highlight of the commemorative celebratory concerts in Glasgow in January 2012.

BBC Radio 2 (2013).


Michael Marra: All Will Be Well
Sadly the great singer-songwriter from Dundee, Michael Marra, died in October 2012. Neon had the honour of putting together a celecbratory documentary for BBC Scotland. BBC Two Scotland (2012)


Johnnie Beattie: In the Limelight
A fantastic documentary featuring the great entertainer, Johnny Beattie. It includes comments and stories of working with Johnnie from Alan Cumming; Una McLean; Vicky Featherstone; Maureen Beatrie; Andy Cameron; Terry Neason and the Alexander Brothers.  BBC One Scotland (2012).

  Scotland Inspired
26 x 15 mins.  An ambitious exploration of the arts in Scotland in which a range of artists take us on 15-minute 'personal journeys' illustrating their inspiration and the lineage of their artform.  Presented by Ashley Jensen.  BBC Radio Scotland (2012).


Gerry Rafferty: Right Down The Line
A film about the late Gerry Rafferty, one of Scotland's best-loved singer/songwriters.  Narrated by David Tennant.  BBC Two Scotland (2011)/BBC Four (2012)

Bob's Ballad Bases
1x57 mins.Julie Fowlis examines the influence of British and Irish folk music on Bob Dylan's work.  BBC Radio 2 (2011)

  When Peter Capaldi Met John Byrne
1x30 mins. An edition of ArtWorks Scotland in which John Byrne and Peter Capaldi discuss their careers in a face-to-face interview.  BBC Two Scotland (2011)
No Baby No Cry
1x30 mins.  Edi Stark presents a thoughtful exploration of involuntary childlessness.  BBC Radio Scotland (2011)



Jimme Macgregor - 80 Years Young
1x30 mins.  Barbara Dickson narrates a celebration of Jimmie Macgregor's unique place in Scottish cultural life.  BBC One Scotland (2010.

  Accordion Wars
1x30 mins.  Julie Fowlis explores the role of the accordion in Scottish folk music..  BBC Radio Scotland (2010).

Cat's Crime
1x15 mins.  Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie star in this radio comedy about the exploits of a mother and daughter amateur crime-fighting team..  BBC Radio pilot (2010).

Paolo's Year
1x60 mins.  2009 was a momentous year for Paisley's Paolo Nutini. Jackie Brambles talks to him and his team and celebrates the success of one of 21st century Scotland's favourite sons.  BBC Radio Scotland (2010)


The Investigation: Homecoming Scotland 2009
1x30 mins.  Edi Stark investigates the impact and success of Scotland's Year of Homecoming as well as the legacy for future years.  BBC Radio Scotland (2009)
  Distributing Dave
1x30 mins.  Gerda Stevenson and Jimmy Chisholm star in this comedy drama narrative with a darkish twist in which a man dies in a freak accident inadvertently caused by wife and best friend.  BBC Radio Scotland (2009)

The Investigation: Pavement Cafes and Outdoor Seating
1x30 mins.  Ken Macdonald investigates the positives, negatives and future of pavement cafes and outdoor seating in Scotland.   BBC Radio Scotland (2009)


Shankly and Stein
1x30 mins.  Jonathan Watson and Paul Young play legendary football managers Bill Shankly and Jock Stein in this two-header drama which recalls a period when Stein considered giving up the game after a serious car crash.  BBC Radio Scotland (2009)

The Auld Grey Thistle Test
1x30 mins.  Sanjeev Kohli hosts a 1960s-themed edition of the comedy panel show where he puts two teams through a mock Scottishness citizenship test to see who get the Caledonian passports.  BBC Radio Scotland (2009)
  DVD for the Scottish Government
1x30mins.  DVD for the Scottish Government, filming case studies of the Scottish Government's employability partnerships.


The Auld Grey Thistle Test
1x30 mins (Pilot). Sanjeev Kohli hosts a comedy panel show where he puts two teams through a mock Scottishness citizenship test to see who get the Caledonian passports. BBC Radio Scotland (2008)

Joy to the World

1x60 mins. Barbara Dickson performs some personal musical selections, arranged with Troy Donockley, and plays recordings of best-loved Christmas songs. BBC Radio Scotland (2008)

Brand New Country
(formerly The Brand New Opry) 500x120 mins. Broad-based weekly music programme. BBC Radio Scotland (1995-2008).

The Turra Coo
1x30 mins. Evelyn Glennie discovers how a small cow from Turriff became the centre of a riot of national significance. BBC Radio Scotland (2008)

Burns and Gow
1x30 mins. Robert Burns met the great fiddler Niel Gow only once. With Jimmy Chisholm as Burns and Michael Marra as Gow their encounter is commemorated in this drama by Bryan Beattie. BBC Radio Scotland (2008)


Asian Overground
10x55 mins Music. Weekly music-based radio programme. BBC Radio Scotland (2005-2008).

Pop In Translation
1x30 mins.  Mark Radcliffe presents a look at one of pop music's more quirky episodes: the foreign-language  recordings of hit songs by the original arists, from the Beatles to Bowie. BBC Radio 4 (2007).

Scotland's Political Songbook
2x30 mins. John Milne presents a history of political song. BBC Radio Scotland (2007).


Parcel of Rogues
1x30 mins. Dave Arcari records a new arrangement of the Burns song, investigating the historical context of the song. BBC Radio Scotland (2007).

Stubbed Out
1x30 mins documentary on the introduction of the UK-wide smoking bans. BBC Radio 1 (2007).


From Birmingham to Bollywood
1x60 mins feature exploring the history of Asian music in Britain. BBC Radio 2 (2006).

DVD for the Whisky Industry and the DTI
Neon produced a corporate DVD for the Whisky Industry and the DTI (2006).

Be My Guest: A Tribute to Ken Sykora
1x60 mins feature. A tribute to the late guitarist and broadcaster Ken Sykora. BBC Radio Scotland (2006).

Steve Earle In Concert
1x60 mins Music. Concert recorded at Glasgow Barrowland. BBC Radio Scotland (2004).
MacGregor’s Music
3x30 mins Feature. A three-part feature on Jimmie MacGregor’s musical career from the 1950s to the present. BBC Radio Scotland (2004).

Jean Redpath - A Life In Song
2x30 mins Feature. A profile of the Scottish folk music diva. BBC Radio Scotland (2003).
Southern Soul
5x30 mins Feature on the history of soul music. BBC Radio Scotland (2003).

Bah Humbug
1x30 mins Feature. A celebration of a grumpy humourless Xmas. BBC Radio Scotland (2002).
Scotch Reels
5x30 mins Feature on the history of film-making in Scotland. BBC Radio Scotland (2002).

Original Masters Greatest Hits
20x60 mins Compilations of the best of Original Masters. BBC Radio Scotland (1998-2001).

MacZimmerman’s Blues
1x30 mins Feature on Scottish references in Bob Dylan’s work. BBC Radio Scotland (2001).

Bobby Darin
4x30 mins Feature on the life work and music of Bobby Darin. BBC Radio 2 (2001).

1x30 mins TV feature on the poet William Topaz McGonagall. Artery STV (2001).

City To City
1x60 mins Feature on Gerry Rafferty. BBC Radio 2 (2001)
Original Masters
400x90 mins Music. Back-catalogue music programme. BBC Radio Scotland (1995-2001).

Some Fantastic Place
1x60 mins Feature on songwriters Difford and Tilbrook. BBC Radio 2 (2001).

Singing Kettle
1x60 mins Entertainment. Children’s concert. BBC Radio Scotland (2001).

Another World
1x30 mins TV feature on Gerry Rafferty.
Artery STV (2001).

Chart Slice
150x30 mins Music. TV Chart Show.
BBC Choice (1998-2000).

Freedom Come All Ye
1x60 mins Feature on life of Hamish Henderson. BBC Radio Scotland (2000).
Elaine C Smith TV series
Robert Noakes musical director and music producer. BBC Scotland (2000).

On Speaking Terms
Interview programme presented by Donny O’Rourke.BBC Radio Scotland (1999).

Abbey Road
1x60 mins Feature on 30th anniversary of Beatles’ album. BBC Radio 2 (1999).
Designer City
1x60 mins Feature on Glasgow’s year as City of Architecture and Design. BBC Radio 2 (1999).

Elaine @ Hogmanay
Elaine C Smith Hogmanay show. Robert Noakes musical director and music producer. BBC Scotland (1998).
In The Days Before Rock ’n’ Roll
4x60 mins Feature on pre rock ’n’ roll music from the 1920s to the 1950s. BBC Radio 2 (1998).

Woody Guthrie
2x30 mins Feature on Woody’s legacy. BBC Radio 2 (1997).

Cod Liver Oil and the Orange Juice
1x60 mins Feature on folk entertainer Hamish Imlach. BBC Radio Scotland (1997).
Joe Boyd, A World Of Music
4x30 mins Feature on record producer Joe Boyd.
BBC Radio 2 (1997).

Leader’s Tapes
4x30 mins Feature on record producer Bill Leader. BBC Radio 2 (1996)
Man In A Briefcase
5x15 mins Feature exposing the hidden secrets of the briefcase. BBC Radio 4 (1996).

Your Cheatin’ Heart By John Byrne
Robert Noakes musical director and music producer. BBC Network (1989).