Determined to Broadcast, enthusiasm and creativity...

We, at Neon, in conjunction with Skillset, are pleased to announce the re-appearance of Determined to Broadcast, the innovative learning workshop.

Determined to Broadcast is an outstanding Scottish Government initiative which Neon Productions and Skillset have been proud to be associated with since May of 2006. Then, it took a bus equipped as a state-of-the-art radio studio into schools and community groups across Scotland and delivered a one-day introductory course in radio production.

The benefits to be derived from this initiative are tailor-made for participating groups and are designed to enhance employability. They include team-working, communication skills, confidence-building and leadership.

Click here for a PDF document which gives a flavour of the initiative as well as testimonial from those who experienced and enjoyed and benefited from a DtB learning intervention.

Determined to Broadcast is about to reappear as a reconstructed initiative from Neon and Skillset.

For further information, please email