Corporate Broadcast Training

Neon can design and deliver a broadcast training event specifically for you and your organisation at Board level or to frontline staff teams. They can be for fun as a reward or for more serious matters of delivering a corporate message or vision, or for enhancing the team’s performance by raising self-awareness and heightening bonding patterns.

The specific activities built into Broadcast Training events will enable your team to experience real learning and facilitated development which focus them at individual, team and organisational levels. For a team to have continuous success they must consistently improve how they function and achieve together.

Broadcast Training is ideal for Away Days and fun learning events with a difference. Broadcast Training allows your team to work together to hunt down key stories, produce copy and visuals for broadcast, work under pressure to deadline, assess the quality of their broadcast work, make judgements about the performance of their peers....a great event to get your team focussed and working together in a highly-energised environment, whilst still communicating your corporate mission.

Let Neon design an event with a strong competitive side with two or more teams in competition with each other for a multi-team event.

Where Can a Broadcast Event Be Run?

We run your broadcast event on your own premises or in a host of different venues from hotels, country homes to indoor arenas.

Neon can design half-day, one day or even weekend-long events. Your team members and staff will be learning the skills involved with audio/visual broadcasting as the event takes place. An outcome of the event can be that nominated staff are able to continue creating media content within your company.

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